Active lethal threat preparation for tribal entities

  Help your tribe create preparation steps for an active lethal threat   Active lethal threat preparation requires both practice and planning. Regular practice before an emergency helps appropriate responses to become second nature and can also help identify weaknesses … Continued

Best practices for avoiding contract liability for your tribal entity

    Entering into a contractual relationship can expose your tribal organization to significant contract liability. Implementing standard safeguards indicates a well-rounded risk management program and guards against potential losses. An organization should require a contractor to assume liability arising … Continued

Water damage claims: How to mitigate your risks

    Each year businesses file water damage claims and spend billions of dollars trying to recover from losses caused by water damage. Even small leaks can lead to costly damages, and leakages can happen at any time of year. … Continued

5 areas where tribal business risk management can help

Tribal business risk management: 5 helps for operations large or small   Whether your tribal business is small, medium or large, you’re well aware of many of the risks involved in day-to-day operations. Risks for construction companies and road crews … Continued